The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has called for the arrest of a driver performing dangerous stunts seen in a viral video on social media.

Taking to social media on Saturday, NTSA called for the arrest of the driver in the video saying his behaviour was risky to other motorists and road users.

“This is reckless and dangerous. We condemn the stunt and any other that may endanger the lives of road users. Share widely until the driver is found!” read a section of the tweet.

The Authority thus called for the suspect’s identification while imploring the public to volunteer information that may lead to arrest of the suspect.

“We urge members of the public who may have any information regarding this driver or vehicle to kindly contact the Authority. Share widely!” NTSA wrote.

In the said video that surfaced on Saturday morning, a male driver is seen mounting out of the moving car via the driver’s side window and briefly attempting to walk on the bonnet before getting back into the car.


The verbal man then proudly boasts of his driving capabilities and how he is a tough lad as he swings on the door. He also speaks about his habitual stunts further attributing his risky moves to hailing from a loaded family.

“Mimi naendeshanga hivi, naeza kuja hapa, yaani vitu zingine si lazima ati..mimi venye nimubaad. Kwetu tuko an pesa. Naeza shuka, nikimbie…nirudi, an tunaendelea,” said the driver.

In the same light, the agency underscored the importance of road safety citing the rising cases of road accidents in the country.

“We have recorded 1,912 fatalities as of 30th May 2022 with the majority of the crashes being attributed to human-related #FatalBehaviours. Share widely!” NTSA noted.


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