A section of ODM MPs led by Siaya Senator James Orengo and Samuel Atandi of Alego/Usonga have told off Deputy President William Ruto and his UDA brigade over accusations of land grabbing.

The UDA brigade had decried laxity in the implementation of the Ndug’u report on land grabbing but Senator Orengo says that the Deputy President should be the last person to accuse somebody of land grabbing in the country.

He stated that history has it clearly that Ruto is among those who have been mentioned the most in cases regarding matters of land and his allies should therefore not be accusing anybody when it comes to cases of land grabbing.

“In this world, can Ruto accuse anyone of land grabbing? If you look at recent history of those who have grabbed land in this country you are sure to get his name as a land grabber,” said Orengo.

Sentiments which have been echoed by Alego/Usonga MP Samuel Atandi who laughed off the demands by the Tanga tanga MPs for the Ndung’u land report to be made public, saying that as far as he is concerned, the report is in the public domain.

Atandi says that the only thing remaining is the implementation of the Ndung’u land grabbing report to the letter.


“I heard yesterday MPs allied to Ruto demanding the Ndung’u report be made public. As far as I’m concerned the report is a public document. It’s not secret we know the contents. Raila has committed that if he becomes President he will ensure the report os implemented to the letter,” said Atandi

Speaking at Mutumbu primary school grounds during the burial ceremony for Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo’s mother Mama Dorcas Odhiambo, Mr. Atandi added that since there have been numerous land injustices even after the Ndung’u report had been released, there is a need for the recent cases to be revisited.

 He stated that they will demand that the recent cases including the Weston Hotel and Lang’ata primary school land saga investigated.

On his part, Nyando MP Jared Okelo warned Deputy President William Ruto and his UDA allies against making the ODM leader their 2022 campaign agenda.

He challenged the UDA team to get an agenda through which they can solicit for votes, saying that it is high time they left Mr. Odinga’s name out of their retrogressive politics.


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