One Kamiti Convict Arrested by Police in Kitui Begged Police to Kill Him: "I Would Rather Die" -

One Kamiti convict arrested by police in Kitui following a tip-off by residents begged police to kill him. One of the convicts being whisked away by police from helicopter.

The convicts were reportedly cornered as they headed to the border between Kenya and Somalia, from where they would cross over into the neighbouring country. I would rather die, convict says After their arrest, one of the fugitives reportedly told the men in uniform that he would rather die than go back to Kamiti Maximum Prison where he and two of his colleagues escaped, The Standard reported.

The three terror suspects Musharaf Abdalla alias Alex Shikanda, Joseph Juma Odhiambo and Mohammed Ali Abikar escaped from the highly guarded jail on Monday, November 15.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said the prison break occurred because of laxity and incompetence of the wardens. Kitui man narrates capturing the convicts A Kitui man, Paul Mwaniki, who spotted the trio noted that the men were walking suspiciously and meticulously so that they do not get lost and that was when they became sceptical.

“They walked in a zig-zag pattern. They went to one side of the road and after walking and entering a forest, they came back and then crossed to the other side. They were very careful so as not to get lost,” he said, adding they even entered a forest but came back after realising it was too thick.


The man said they did everything in their power to corner them as patriotic Kenyans adding they did not fear because the trio was unarmed. ” “We, however, do not know how they got here. We can’t tell whether they used a vehicle,” he added. He said when caught, the light-skinned convict asked to be killed. “Two of them readily admitted that they were among those who escaped from Kamiti. The light skinned-one asked us to kill him saying he had suffered enough in prison.” He also talked of phones that should be recovered which he alleged that the escapees were using. “When those phones are found in the forest, maybe we will know who showed them the way,” he said.


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