Passaris narrates how she ran for her life after bumping into DP Ruto lining for ARVs in Zanzibar -

Nairobi women representative Esther Passaris has caused a stir on social media platforms moments after claiming she found herself on the same line collecting ARVs in Zanzibar with Deputy President William Ruto.

According to Esther Passaris, On the 8th of August 2021, she had gone to collect the ARV tablets for her cousin who is at the Symptomatic HIV infection before the unfortunate turn of events.

“All I can remember is being the third on the queue. I don’t know what provoked me to turn back and booom….! My eyes met one on one with the Deputy President and I just had to scamper away for my safety. I was afraid of assassination threats on my life for accidentally spotting the Deputy president queuing for ARV tablets.


To Passaris, she has never recovered from what she saw on that fateful day as she has failed to understand whether it was a dream or a live show.


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