Pastor Ng'ang'a on how he caused Kitui bus accident through fimbo ya Musa after CA suspended SASA TV from airing -

Controversial city preacher pastor James Ng’ang’a has come out to comment on the accident that happened today in Kitui after a bus ferrying choir members plunged into River Enziu.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi, Ng’ang’a claims he is responsible for the accident saying the move by the Communication Authority to suspend Sasa TV attracted the wrath of the Lord to the Kitui bus passengers.

“Usichezee watu wa Mungu hata kama uko na nguvu aje. Hii ni fimbo ya Musa imeua watu huko Kitu. Wasiporudisha TV vile ilikuwa wataona fimbo ingine ya Musa.Nitawanyorosha nyinyi Firauni hadi mlainike!” the controversial Ng’ang’a warned.


Pastor Ng’ang’a has now given The Communications Authority of Kenya (CK) a three-day ultimatum to lift the suspension on his TV channel so that he can carry on spreading the Gospel or more calamities will be on the way like the time of Moses and Pharoah in Egypt.


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