"Post my nudes and I post yako yenye nilikohoa kakachomoka."Passaris dares Mike Sonko - hivipundetv.com

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris who had earlier on asked the Director of Criminal Investigations to block all the social media platforms of former Nairobi Governor now dares Mike Sonko to try her at her own risk.

In a statement, Esther Passaris reveals that the former Nairobi Governor has been calling her during weird hours of the night threatening to parade what he did with her behind the back of Kenyans.


“Fuck morals! I dare you Mike Sonko to post any of my nudes and I will post yako yenye nilikohoa kakachomoka.Mimi si wenu!” Esther Passaris quipped.

Sonko recently leaked videos implicating various individuals including Justice Said Chitembwe in alleged corrupt dealings, with one woman being exposed in a compromising situation.


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