Prophet Owuor suspends rains in Kenya for three months -

It is not going to rain in the country for three months, Prophet Owuor has declared.

In a statement, the mighty man of God has urged Kenyans to repent before attracting more calamities in the country from the Lord.

“It will come to pass. Behold, there will be no rains in the country for three months! The wrath of the Lord will not spare you if you continue sinning. Repent!” read a published statement from the clergyman.


Owuor’s statement has stirred mixed reactions in the country with a section of Kenyans applauding his message while others defiantly criticizing him for misleading the public.

“Who does not know we are entering the drought period from January? Stop carrying us small small bwana Prophet” read a comment from a Facebook user identified as Dan Ngetich.


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