"Proud to be a virgin at 20,yaani zinawakuna aje mnapeana tu?" Actress Yasmin Said lectures loose Kenyan women - hivipundetv.com

Kenyan women have ganged up to criticize actress Yasmin Said moments after she bragged of her virginity at 20.

Yasmin Said found herself on the piercing end of the Kenyan women after she lectured them to stop being loose and maintain their purity till marriage.

“I find it absurd that majority of the female gender in this country cannot keep it in their pants until marriage. Kwani lazima mpeane ni CDF?Yaani zinawakuna aje msiekee mabwana zenu mnapeana tu?I am proud to be a virgin at 20 na siregret!” the youthful actress quipped.


In the comment section,agitated women urged actress Yasmin not to brag too much about her virginity as she will also lose it one day.

“Every woman must be a virgin at one point in life and a mtaro at another point in life so usituletee makasiriko hapa wewe msichana” commented a Facebook user identified as Purity Nduta Macharia.

“Sema tu hakuna mwanaume anakuangalia. Ningekuwa hapo ningekufira na vidole ujifunze adabu” added Mutheu Faith.


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