''Rashid Abdallah Broke My Virginity and Dumped Me'' Sanaipei Tande - hivipundetv.com

Actress Sanaipei Tande, popularly known as Sana now claims to have slept with Rashid Abdallah to secure a role in the Aziza series.

“The streets are hard and I had to do everything humanly possible by sharing what my mama gave me with him. Fortunately,he kept his word and gave me a role in the Aziza series” quipped Sanaipei Tande.

Sanaipei admits that her relationship with Rashid Abdallah was short-lived as the TV personality later cheated on her with another girl.

“Kwa hii industry ya uigizaji lazima uwe tayari kwa mambo yote.Kuchezwa iko na mimi nilikubali hio ndio ilikuwa njia yangu” she added.


A section of Kenyans has ganged up on social media platforms to criticize actress Sanaipei describing her as a homewrecker.

Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. Didn’t you know Rashid is married to Lulu Hassan? For sure women are their own enemies” read a comment from a Facebook user identified as  Hellena Keli.


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