RIP: The Deadly Disease That Took Charles Njonjo's Life -

Charles Njonjo’s son in law Kelly has revealed the disease which led to his death.

Speaking to KTN news at Kariokor, emotion Kelly said that since last year, Njonjo had been battling several illnesses well despite his age.

Recently, he developed pneumonia which compromised his lungs and eventually led to his death today at 5 am.

His passing was peaceful and he was sorounded by his family. Yesterday night, he had a happy conversation with his family and his memory was very clear though he was unwell and very weak.


Kelly has revealed that the family will do it’s best to maintain his legacy.

Hon Njonjo was cremated almost immediately at Kariokor Hindu Crematorium according to his wish.

He has been mourned by many Kenyans led by president Uhuru Kenyatta who said that the country owes him a lot for fighting for independence.

May Hon Charles Njonjo continue resting in peace.



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