"Samidoh aliniambia niko sweet and tighter than his GOAT wife" Karen Nyamu brags - hivipundetv.com

Former Nairobi Women Representative aspirant and city lawyer, Karen Nyamu has showered Samidoh with praises describing him as a total man.

In a statement to Hivipunde TV, Karen Nyambu narrates the good memories she has shared with the Mugithi star.

“Kwa sasa siezi sema mambo ni mbaya. Samidoh is a funny man that any woman in this country would crave for his attention” Karen Nyambu said.

To Karen Nyamu,it is her welcoming nature that makes Samidoh stick to her. She hastily brags of how the Mugithi star praised her bedroom prowess at one point.


“It may sound absurd but it is what it is. Samidoh aliniambia niko sweet and tighter than his GOAT wife day moja and I felt something very funny in my body as my knees were weak” she added.

In the comment section, netizens have not hesitated to lecture Karen Nyamu urging her to stop wrecking homes of fellow women.


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