Controversial Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi now ranks boy band Sauti Sol as the highest-paid artists in Kenya.

Speaking to media outlets on Wednesday, Omondi said without a doubt that Kenya’s afro-pop band Sauti Sol, which consists of Bien Aime Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno, are the highest followed by Otile Brown.

According to Omondi, Sauti Sol has mastered the art of business in music and has cemented themselves in the music industry to a certain level that cannot be shaken.

“Sauti Sol is the highest paid followed by Otile Brown alafu hao wengine wanabargain…wanasemanga Ksh 150,000 wanachukua Ksh 80,000 na they do not deserve that…napenda Sauti Sol because they have stuck to their guns…Otile Brown bado anapigania iyo space yake…but the rest of  the artists ni kaende kaende…”

The self-proclaimed president of comedy went on to say, the fact that the boy band is the highest-paid is in fact the reason why he has been fighting with them about the state of Kenyan music.

According to Omondi, the boy band has already gotten riches and they do not see the need to fight for other musicians.

“The highest-paid Kenyan artist is Sauti Sol, wanalipwa pesa poa that’s why nimekuwa nikifight nao, juu hao wamejipanga na hawataki tupange industry…wako selfish… Said Omondi


On whether Sauti Sol will get paid more than Konshens in the upcoming ‘NRGWAVE’ new years’ eve concert, Omondi said that Konshens will most likely be the most paid performing artist followed closely by Sauti Sol.

However, according to the comedian, Sauti Sol will get a substantial amount because they have a rate card that they rarely negotiate on.

“Konshens yake iko juu but Sauti Sol wamelipwa poa…Sauti Sol wanakuwanga na rate card and it’s very rare  uskie wamebargain…but i feel like they need to be paid more because wakienda juu wengine wanapanda…”

Comedian Omondi started an ongoing online debate on the state of Kenyan music where he complained that Kenyan musicians have become mere curtain raisers to artists from other African countries such as Nigeria and South Africa.

Omondi has since been fighting for equal pay if not more for Kenyan artists in tandem with their internantional counterparts.


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