"She had a smelly nunu after giving birth" Comedian Mulamwah on why he divorced Sonnie - hivipundetv.com

Comedian Mulamwah has confirmed the doubts of netizens shortly after news emerged that he had divorced his wife Sonnie.

Speaking to a local daily, the talented comedian cites lack of submissiveness from his wife as the reason why he had to end their relationship. He further laments that Sonnie has been denying him matrimonial rights for the past month.

“Sonnie alikuwa ameanza kunizoea.Mtu haniheshimu kama kichwa wa nyumba mimi siezi kaa naye. Furthermore, she had a smelly nunu and was no longer sweet in bed after giving birth” the comedian wrote.

Kenyans on social media have criticized the comedian urging him to man up and stop exposing private affairs to the public.

“Whaaaaaat!?Wife just gave birth the other day and you dare yap she is not sweet in bed. What a man!” a Facebook user identified as Caroline Museo lectured comedian  Mulamwah.

Recently, Mulamwah and Sonnie welcomed their newborn baby girl.

Baby Keilah Oyando was born in September this year with her parents describing her arrival as ‘the best thing to ever happen in their lives’.


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