"Siachi Pombe na Wanawake" Akorino Pastor Confesses - hivipundetv.com

Gospel singer and pastor Nduati Mwangi, better known as Hezeh Junior has left many Kenyans shocked after confessing that he usually takes alcohol in local bars near his home at a regular basis.
According to a report by the standard digital, Nduati Mwangi who is a pastor at Prophetic ambassador of Christ International church, Nairobi said that he particularly loves a brand known as Balozi.
He further said that his habit has never interfered with his ministry and he’s not planning to stop anytime soon.
He receives harsh criticism whenever he is seen at local bars with a turban but according to him, God looks at the soul and what he drinks goes to the stomach, meaning that his faith is still intact as far as he never commits any sin while under the influence of alcohol.
“My faith is intact, but what I sip goes to the stomach” He said.


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