Siaya: Maranda High School Students To Undergo Drug Tests Before Readmission Into The Institution -

Students of Maranda High School are now required to undergo a mandatory drug test before they can be readmitted to the institution when schools reopen on 4th January 2022.

In his message to parents and guardians, Maranda High School Principal Edwin Namachanja noted that all the students will be required to undergo a mandatory drug and substance test while at home.

Mr. Namachanja added that this must be done by a public health facility or NACADA and certificates of the same presented to the school on the re-opening day.

The Principal who is also the Secretary to the School Board indicated that the Board of Management had resolved that Forms 1, 3 and 4 students shall report back to school in a staggered manner from 4th to 5th January 2021.

The school had been closed indefinitely about one week before the official closing date last term after a mysterious fire gutted down a dormitory, and the administration has now communicated that it shall be opened from 4th January.


He further indicated that each student will be required to pay Ksh. 5,125 for the reconstruction of the burnt-down dormitory.

In his messages accessed by Radio Ramogi, Namachanja stated that given the ongoing reconstruction works on the burnt down dormitory, Form 2 students would be communicated to later on when to re-open.

A section of parents who spoke to Radio Ramogi in the condition of anonymity for fear that their children would be victimized, complained that some of them do not even know where to take their children for the drug test and that could not understand why the school could not just conduct the tests itself.

Another parent whose son is in Form Four questioned why they were required to pay the Ksh 5,125 for damages yet the last dormitory went in flames when all Form Four students had been sent home on suspension.


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