Six Migori family members hospitalised after losing eyesight, one dies -

Six members of a family in Migori County have gone blind in a bizarre incident that has left residents of Thim Jope village in Uriri Sub County in shock.

A woman and her four children, aged between seven and 24 years were rushed to Migori County Referral Hospital for treatment.

A 12-year-old boy from the same family lost his eyesight and died in unclear circumstances at home.

Mr George Omondi said his wife and five children were in good health when they went to bed on Friday. The six complained that they were not able to see on Saturday morning.

He said his 12 year old nephew, who lives with his family, lost his sight before he started convulsing, collapsed and died.

 “My wife and all the children were in good health when we went to bed on Friday night. I only realised that my entire family had gone blind on Saturday morning,” said Mr Omondi.


Thim Jope Sub-Location Assistant Chief Kerry Otieno confirmed the incident.

 “The victims woke up having lost their eyesight. The incident is quite baffling and we are yet to establish what could have happened. The twelve year old boy died by midday and his body has been moved to Ombo Mission Hospital mortuary,” said Mr Otieno.

The family had earlier invited spiritual leaders for prayers before the six were rushed to hospital for treatment. Doctors at the hospital were still trying to establish the cause of the patients’ loss of sight.

“I have never witnessed such an incident, the matter should be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken to avoid a repeat of a similar incident,” said a neighbour, Ms Meressa Ochieng.


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