Deputy President William Ruto has continued his public criticism of the bid by his rivals to amend the Political Parties Act claiming it will result in the country having a puppet leader.

The DP was speaking in Garissa Township on Wednesday during a tour of the region as he continued to push his agenda and solicit support ahead of the 2022 general elections slated for August 10.

According to DP Ruto, should the constitutional changes be enacted, Kenya will have a marionette for a President who will only be answerable to a few wealthy individuals and not the people of Kenya.

“You have started another scheme that you want to select for us a puppet who serves the interest of a few rich people so that you can install him to run the affairs of a nation to the detriment of millions of Kenyans,” Ruto said.

“We are telling you, the people of Kenya, will not accept a puppet president that serves the interest of a few rich people. The people of Kenya will elect their president who serves the interest of every Kenyan irrespective of their financial status, the community they come from or their religion because we believe in a united country.”

According to the deputy president, the whole plan is just a plight to divide the nation by renewing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and it should not be prioritized, instead efforts should be directed towards bettering the country’s economy.


“We want to tell you the people of Kenya are united in a national political dispensation and we will not allow you to divide the people of Kenya or install a puppet president who will serve the interests of a few,” he added.  

The DP similarly added that despite efforts by his rivals, it is the people of Kenya who will elect into office a president they feel resonates with them and understands their plight as Kenyans.  

“Tunawaambia watajua hawajui kwa sababu Wakenya wataamua kiongozi wao na rais ambaye atashugulikia Wakenya wote bila ya kujali ati maskini au tajiri ni nani na kwa sabau tunataka umoja katika taifa letu la Kenya,” he stated.

The DP has been very vocal about his opposition of the BBI push in recent weeks following utterances by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Jamhuri Day when he labelled the initiative as a “deferred dream.”

Ruto has however maintained, throughout his addresses, that it is not a priority for Kenyans and that focus should be on improving Kenya’s economy.


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