Deputy President William Ruto has sought to reassure his supporters of victory in the upcoming August 2022 presidential elections.

Speaking during a rally in Vihiga County on Thursday, the DP implored his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party supporters to be optimistic of his deserved win amid the political storm in the country.

DP Ruto, in his bullish nature, criticized his rivals while dismissing claims that his impending victory will face irregularities from mysterious quarters bent on ensuring he does not set foot in State House.

The DP, while citing past instances in which he claimed to have floored his competitors, stated that that would be the same way he beats them to the country’s top seat this time as well.

“Si tulishindana na hawa handshake pale Msambweni tukawashinda? Tukashindana kule Juja, si tuliwashinda? Si tulishindana na hawa pale Kiambaa tukawashinda? Tarehe tisa mwezi wa nane mwaka huu tutawashinda asubuhi na mapema na hakuna kitu watafanya; they will do nothing!” Ruto stated.

The DP told off critics predicting his political downfall saying that, in the above listed by-elections, if the so-called deep state was unable to do anything after losing to his team, then it would also not stand in the way of his victory in the presidential contest.


“Si tuliwashinda Kiambaa, kuna kitu walifanya? Si tuliwashinda Juja, kuna kitu walifanya? Si tuliwashinda kule Msambweni, what did they do? Nothing!” DP Ruto stated.

He went ahead to castigate his political rivals for intimidating him saying that he still holds the second highest office in the country and should not be sidelined or underestimated.

“Mimi nikisimama hapa mbele ndiye naibu wa rais. Mimi mkiniona hivi ni mtu wa kunyang’anywa kura kweli? Hiyo ni ndoto ya mchana. Watajua hawajui!” Ruto said.

“Mkiniona hapa mimi sina shida na mtu. Siku ile mimi nilikua nafanya campaign ya bwana Tinga, walikuwa wanasema mimi ni mtu mzuri sana. Siku ile mimi nafanya campaign za Uhuru Kenyatta walikuwa wanasema mimi ni mzuri sana. Sasa hii nikasema wacha nisaidia hustler wanaanza kuniita maneno.”


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