President Uhuru Kenyatta in an informal, down-to-earth interaction with one of our snoopy reporters revealed that he was seeing another woman before meeting the love of his life, Margaret Kenyatta.

“Just like any other young man out there I was in love with a party after party animal from the States. Bianca was a party animal and honestly, my mother would skin me alive if I could try proposing to her “responded the President when someone asked to comment on his past love affair.


President Kenyatta recalls how he came back to Kenya from the US and through a friend he met his sister who happens to be Margaret Kenyatta and boooom!His eyes opened and started a relationship that has lasted from high school until now.

The couple married at the Holy Family Basilica in 1989 presided over by the late Maurice Cardinal Otunga and they have three children-Jomo, Jaba and Ngina Kenyatta.



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