"Ukikufa upatane na Jaluo jua huko si binguni"Ng'ang'a now says - hivipundetv.com

Controversial city preacher James Ng’ang’a has received a lot of criticisms from Kenyans moments after claiming that World AIDS Day should be called Luos AIDS Day.

Echoing his July statement that there is a lot of immorality amongst Luos, the controversial pastor has urged the Luo nation to keep it in their pants or await hellfire.

“Mimi nasikia tu ati wanaiita World AIDS Day.Mbona wasiseme tu ni Luos AIDS Day hapa Kenya?Nionyeshe jaluo hana ukimwi nimpee milioni moja?Ukikufa upatane na Jaluo jua huko si binguni” the city preacher quipped.


Netizens in the comment section have not taken the preacher’s statement lightly. Ganging up against him, some Kenyans are now demanding the government to apprehend pastor Ng’ang’a and hire a pyschatrist to conduct a mental checkup on him.

According to some Kenyans,Ng’ang’as words not only escalate tribalism and animosty in the country but also kill the spirit of believing in what men of God in the country preach.


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