"Unaringa na mtoi ni wa Willy Paul?" Carol Sonnie mocks Mulamwah - hivipundetv.com

Carol Sonnie has told off comedian Mulamwah to stop bragging and concentrate on his new relationship or risk being helped by other men again.

In a statement, an unapologetic Carol Sonnie admits to have been seeing artist Willy Paul behind the back of Mulamwah as she could not stand the comedian’s seed growing inside her womb.

“If you are keen you will notice that I have already moved on. Huyo wa ingo wa kula ugali na miwa should also just move on bila makasiriko juu mimi sipangwingwi. Sasa mtu unaringa na mtoi ni wa Willy Paul?” Carol Sonnie posed.


Carol Sonnie on Monday confirmed breakup with comedian Mulamwah as seen in a detailed post shared on her Instagram page. The news comes just two months after the lass welcomed her first child with the comedian, and now the relationship is over like it matter.


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