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Artist Willy Paul has continued to lecture Bahati’s wife shortly after she accused him of being jealous of her.

Willy Paul has warned Diana to respect him as he has done the obvious with her in the past.”Kanyambe huko Diana!Unaringa na nimekutomba mara mingi” Willy Paul stated.

Recently, Willy Paul allegedly broke his expensive TV shortly after Diana made her debut in the music industry with a track christened Hatutaachana.

According to a witness, Willy Paul was drinking beer when he immediately shouted “Hii ni chura inaimba ama nini?” and before anyone else could realize, he threw a bottle full of beer into the Tv which is worth Ksh 500,000.

Lukewarm reception from the public

Despite the support and promotion by the Barua crooner, members of the public gave the song a lukewarm reception, maintaining that she should stick to content creation. Most argued that the young mother has over time built a corporate image that continues to attract brands her way, one she should endeavour to maintain by keeping off music.


Hilda Wamalwa: “She had a good corporate image. She should have maintained it. Anyway, wishing her all the best.”

Josephine Stegeman: Fake it until you make it. Hehehe, are you trying to be Beyonce? Good job.

Dorcas Nekesa: “Not happy for you Diana, you could have continued on what you were doing before it ain’t a good picture to view such.” Ythyra Watuga: “Yes, it’s beautiful and she looks good in it but our girl looks like she is performing somewhere in a gentleman’s club. You were rocking it with Kavagara and changing lives, stick to that. Please reconsider.”

Jaber Atieno “She is not blessed with a voice, she’s singing like she’s just talking. Who said if your husband is an artist then you should sing too? Pthooo!”

Leah Achieng: “I love Diana Bahati but the music industry business is not for her. The content creation was the best for her.”


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