“Unlike Ruto’s daughters,am still a virgin at 31” Winnie Odinga. - hivipundetv.com

Winnie Odinga, daughter of opposition leader Raila Odinga has revealed that she is still intact at 31.

She has urged Kenyan ladies to stop being loose to men and venture into meaningful activities in life.

Recently, Winnie Odinga announced that she will get married in 2022.“Tell them that I said, Winnie Odinga will get married in 2022, on the lawns of State House. And you are all invited. So if you want that to happen, go register to vote,” she quipped.


“Life is not all about sex. Unlike Ruto’s daughters, I have maintained my virginity at 31. You can also do it. Let us focus for a better tomorrow” Winnie Odinga stated.

Kenyan women have ganged up in the comment section to criticize her.”Twatwa lazima itambe.Sema hauna wa kukufanya” a Facebook user identified as Caro Mukami hillariously stated.

Winnie has for a long time maintained singlehood having publicly rejected two marriage proposals.



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