"Utanilipa ama Uende Jela" Mulamwah Tells Carol Sonie's New Catch - hivipundetv.com

The drama after the breakup between actress Sonie and her boyfriend Mulamwah keeps getting worse by the day.

At the moment, Mulamwah is demanding money from Propesa who was seen with Carol Sonie just days after the break up.

Mulamwah has said that he wants all the money that he used on Carol Sonie’s delivery fees since he suspects that Propesa is the real baby daddy.
Mulamwah says that if Propesa dares not to refund him, he will file a case in the police station and get him jailed for life.


After the threats, Propesa who could not believe his ears wrote on his facebook page;”Mulamwah, why call and threaten me bro”

Meanwhile, Sonie and Mulamwah deactivated their daughter’s Facebook page with thousands of followers.

A DNA test is currently going on at one of the biggest hospitals in the country and we will keep you updated once the test results are out.


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