Blogger Dennis Itumbi has broken silence on what his abductors did to him after arresting him on his way to his car from a barber shop along Kiambu road.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hivi punde news, Dennis Itumbi who is currently hospitalized with his eyes, legs and hands badly injured stated that the abductors started torturing him in the car.

“Walianza kunifinya Makende na kuniuliza mbona huwa nataja Matiangi na Raila kwa ujinga zangu. Mwingine akanigonga ngumi ya jicho” Said Dennis Itumbi.

Itumbi further says he was sexually assaulted and told to sit on hot iron.”Walinifinya SIM 2 na wakaniambia nikae kwa chuma moto.Ilikuwa uchungu sana”Itumbi said amidst sobs.


After driving for some time and torturing him, they stopped near an incomplete building where they hit him on the legs and hands and left him in a very painful state.

Luckily, they did not take his phone and he was able to contact friends who came for him and took him to hospital in the middle of the night.

It had earlier been suspected that Dennis had been taken to parklands police station. His friends camped at the station for the better part of the night demanding his release.


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