Why First Lady Margaret Kenyatta chased Kanze Dena out of State House a week ago - hivipundetv.com

The tension between First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Kanze Dena who is the Spokesperson of The Executive Office of The President is definitely emanating from obvious reasons with each trying to protect their territory.

Margaret Kenyatta will always shove off the sassy Kanze whenever she comes across her at statehouse,a clear indication of bad blood between the two.

Hivipunde TV has learnt that the two have always disagreed on what sources say involves the president.

It has now emerged that the animosity started when the first lady got tipped off that President Kenyatta was eloping with Kanze Dena to private drinking joints behind her back. Things got worse for the former journalist almost a week ago when

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta ordered her out of Statehouse.

She even pinched her nose one time on suspicion that the TV girl was hitting on the president behind her back.

Hivipunde TV learns that Kanze Dena has revealed to close friends that she was depressed by the nature of her working environment and was willing to quit her job.



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