Racheal Ruto, Kenya’s second lady is perhaps one woman who has seen it all in the marriage institution.

Our snoopy reporters have unveiled the reason why Racheal has not been sleeping with her husband for the past five years.

After Prisca Chemutai’s caused a stir online that she had a child with Kenya’s number two in command, Racheal’s relation with Ruto turned into a puzzle.

“It was the lowest point of my life. Betrayal in the city it was!” Racheal Ruto allegedly confided to one of our source.

Our source has learnt that Racheal had even threatened to walk out of the marriage after the revelation that hit her hard but later decided to stay after the intervention of Ruto’s family and Kalenjin elders.


It has not been established if the Deputy President is getting the matrimonial rights services from his maidens or not. Hivipunde TV can authoritatively confirm that the Deputy President has been seeing his wife’s forbidden fruit only through Viusasa for the past five years.


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