North Maragoli MCA seat battle has wrapped candidates into a hive of unearthing political tactics to marshal votes in the August General elections.Incumbent Dominic Baraka, has ratified and revamped his big cheese in Kenya Kwanza Coalition, intending to fly ANC flag for the North Maragoli MCA seat in August 9 battle.

The political dynamics within North Maragoli have favoured his candidature owing to the consolidated support, influence and power, especially in engaging directly in activities that directly aim to improve the lives of the common mwananchi.

Dominic Baraka has grounded his unwavering significant support through various  initiatives in the quest of banking votes.This has seen Dominic Baraka disburse funds from his personal funds to entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas.

Dominic Baraka’s popularity and ground support was openly exhibited when he unveiled a Manifesto that resonates with the problems facing North Maragoli residents as majority of the locals applauded his bid.

To the adherent supporters of Dominic Baraka, North Maragoli ward needs an MCA who will help improve the education sector, get lights on the streets, check on the issue of bursaries amongst others.

Dominic Baraka’s Manifesto is keen on addressing the issues affecting the locals and that has seen him garner unwavering support.
Dominic has also bagged overwhelming endorsement from youth movements, women and members of the clergy boosting his journey to reclaim his seat.

He can boast of improving electrification and street lighting in the whole of North Maragoli. North Maragoli now has a secure environment for transacting business after the incumbent Dominic Baraka engaged local sub-chiefs, the chief and police officers in the area to curb crime in the ward.

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