"Willy Paul hata ako na toothpick!" Diana Marua changes tune - hivipundetv.com

Diana Marua has come out to narrate how Willy Paul almost raped her.
Through a video on her YouTube channel, the upcoming artist claimed that Willy Paul was pursuing her and when he saw her on the streets, he invited her to his car so that they could have a talk.

In the car, he started kissing and caressing her by force then drove off at a very high speed.

Within 2 minutes, they got to his apartment and before getting out of the car, Pozze did the unthinkable to her.

He inserted two fingers into her vagina and when she tried to scream, he inserted the fingers into her mouth and choked her with the other hand.
“Aliingiza vidole tatu alafu akaninyonga.What saved me vile alijaribu kuingiza hiyo kitu yake nilikohoa kakachomoka kumbe kalikuwa katoothpick tu!” Diana quipped.


Diana further narrates how she got the idea of hitting his balls and when he started groaning in pain, she opened the door of the car and got out.

At the time, Pozze had removed all her clothes and she had to run naked as fast as she could. A well-wisher gave her a leso and she hoped onto a motorbike which took her home.Diana has sworn that she will completely destroy Pozze and get him jailed.


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