“Willy Paul raped me 5 hours non stop na hakunipea hata bob” Diana now asks Kenyans to intervene. - hivipundetv.com

Diana Bahati now says artist Willy Paul used her for five hours non-stop without offering her even a single penny.

Taking to Hivipunde TV, Diana narrates how she met Willy Paul at the Emory Hotel years ago for an academic meeting before everything turned sour.

“Ni uchungu sana. Huyo mtu alinitumia masaa matano na hakunipea hata bob halafu akanitusi ninyambe huko” Diana Bahati spoke to our reporters amidst tears.


“What I now want is justice. You can’t be going around sleeping with women just like that. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired” she quipped.

In the comment section, Kenyan women have ganged up to criticize Lilian for fooling around with men then look for sympathy from the masses.



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