Woman claiming to have been Ruto’s girlfriend in class six demands state job,threatens to strip naked - hivipundetv.com

A 51-year-old woman now claims to have been a sweetheart to Kenya’s number two in command at Kerotet Primary school.

Taking it to Hivipunde TV, Triza Mukami has appealed to Deputy President William Ruto to help her secure a state job saying that she is undergoing depression due to joblessness.

“My efforts to reach out to Willie as I used to call him have proved futile. I really need his attention as things have gone south in my life despite having papers” Triza Mukami said in a statement.


She recalls the days she used to have good times with the DP before he joined Wareng Secondary school.

“When he joined Wareng secondary school that was the last time I set my eyes on him. Please help me with a job Willie or I strip naked!” Triza threatened.


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