Actress Yasmin Said has faulted Citizen TV news anchor, Lulu Hassan for being frustrating the release of Maria series Season 2.

Lulu Hassan had assured fans that the show wasn’t ending anytime soon as they had more twists and turns in store for their audience.In an a revelation that has sparked mixed reactions on social platforms, Actress Yasmin Said says her relationship with Lulu Hassan faded when she started suspecting her of having something with her husband, Rashid Abdallah.

“It was the best show I have ever featured in so far. Fans wanted a more of it and all arrangements were in place before everything went sour. Lulu Hassan is evil. She blocked Rashid Abdallah from sleeping at my place we release Maria Season 2 on suspicion that I was fooling around with him” Actress Yasmin Said revealed.

Kenyans have criticised Actress Yasmin Said for being insensitive urging her to respect Lulu Hassan‘s marriage. “This is absurd. Ulitaka Rashid alale kwako ndio ufanye nini?” a Facebook user identified as Unita Kui posed.

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